Multiple Teams · Oct. 5, 2017 FB game v Coronado

Today, Thursday, October 5th, the Palmer – Coronado Football game will be at Garry Berry Stadium. C-squad plays at 3:30pm and Varsity will play at 7pm.

WE ARE THE AWAY TEAM! So what does that mean?
1. Palmer Student-Athlete Activity passes will not be accepted.
2. It will cost Palmer Students $2 to attend the game.
3. We will still sit on the EAST side.
4. Parent Passes will be accepted.

The North and East gates will be open for both games. Terror fans, please use the EAST gate. If you need to leave after the C game and before the Varsity gate opens at 6pm, you can receive a stamp to re-enter for the Varsity game. Once the Varsity gate opens at 6pm, stamps will no longer be available and you will need to work with security regarding any reason you need to leave and re-enter.

We need to demonstrate integrity and citizenship by respecting the Garry Berry neighbors.

Please use the parking lots at Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus whenever possible. If you do park in the neighborhood, pay attention to where you park and don’t block driveways and please make sure you are parking in the street and not on the curb. Be mindful of handicap parking spaces, as they are limited.

Keep your trash in your car and let’s make sure we are leaving the neighborhood cleaner than we found it. Pay attention to your speed as you enter and exit the neighborhood and PLEASE turn your music down. In essence, be great citizens and let’s make sure we are great neighbors to our friends that live close to Garry Berry.

Thank you in advance for demonstrating our Tradition of Excellence!