Terrors News · Palmer Athletics Update

Hello Terror Community. I hope this message finds your family safe. We are in an unprecedented time and D11 is sharing information as we get it and when things change. As you have heard, school, athletics and activities or on hold through April 17th. Please watch for updates from Devra Ashby, D11 Communication Specialist. You can get those through D11 Loop I spoke about at the parent meeting. If you have not yet registered, you can download the app from your app store. Just search “cssd11” and you will find the “Colorado Springs SD 11” app.

I want to reassure you conversations are happening to make sure our Spring Athletes get some sort of athletic experience when this is all over. Even if CHSAA ends Spring seasons, when it is safe, we will do SOMETHING for your kids. Especially for our seniors. I know this is an extremely hard and uncertain time for them. Please reassure them that they are at the top of my priority list. If you need anything during this time, please reach out to me directly. Christina.miner@d11.org. I am also keeping up with voicemails left on my office phone: 719-328-5043.

I know many of you are wondering about refunds. Here is a message from our District Athletic Director, Chris Noll.

Participation Fees:
With us not knowing what the seasons will look like, we are going to pause on an answer with this. There are so many different things that could happen with all of this, we are going to pause, and make a decision at a later time!

You all are in my thoughts. Be safe and take care of your families! Let us know if we can support you in any way!