Terrors News · Palmer Sports Camps have Started!

We are excited to announce Palmer HS has started our Summer Sports Camps. Below is a list of Sports, anticipated start dates and coach contact information. Please reach out to the coaches or Christina.Miner@d11.org (Athletic Director), if you are interested in attending.

June 3:
Football: phillip.naple@d11org

June 4:
Softball: randall.teschner@d11.org
Girls Basketball – david.shackelford@d11.org

June 7:
Baseball: David.mills@d11.org

June 8:
Boys Soccer: gregory.glatz@d11.org
Boys Basketball: james.grantz@d11.org
Girls Lacrosse: kelly.hillick@d11.org
Boys Lacrosse: daniel.riecks@d11.org

June 15:
Girls Volleyball: adrianne.dettler@d11.org

June 22:
Girls Soccer: joseph.reveteriano@d11.org

Cross Country: robert.gilliam@d11.org
Cheer: lynda.sterner@d11.org

Starting in July or August:
Marching Band: kaelinn.ward@d11.org
Boys Golf: brett.courter@d11.org
Girls Golf: christopher.rego@d11.org
Boys & Girls Rugby:amy.rusert@gmail.com
Boys Tennis: todd.nelson@d11.org
Boys & Girls Wrestling: ricky.seymour@d11.org

Other Contacts:
Girls Golf: christopher.rego@d11.org
Boys Swim & Dive: reed.carlson@d11.org
Girls Swim & Dive: geoffrey.lewis@d11.org
Girls Tennis: paul.bernier@d11.org
Track & Field: gerald.freeman@d11.org
Boys Volleyball: thomas.roth@d11.org