Girls Varsity Softball · Goodbye Seniors!

Last night was Senior Night for Palmer’s 4th year players. Three seniors, Raelee Chavez, Corina Rodriguez-Skufca, and Marcela first graced the Terrors with their talent, heart, and passion for the game 4 years ago when Coach Teschner first headed up the program, making this the first full program graduating class at Palmer. While the game didn’t go the way everyone wanted, it was still a wonderful evening celebrating the dedication and leadership these young women have demonstrated over the years. They have left an indelible mark on Terror Softball, and now join the ranks of past ex-Terror Softballers as respected and loved members of such a close team. They endured the toughest season of anyone’s career with all the restrictions and rules that COVID-19 required, and did so with smiles and creativity that always kept spirits lifted and positive. Thank you, seniors, for all you have contributed. This program has grown along with you and your influence. You will not be forgotten.